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Unsupported 16 bit application for windows 7 pro

Recently I've installed an incompatible Borland C++ compiler (16 bit application) and due to the incompatibility with 64 bit version of the windows even the uninstaller feature cannot work. Now I'm in a situation of not being able to uninstall the compiler and therefore cannot install the 64 bit application due to corruption. How could I solve this problem?
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  1. Have you tried running the program in compatibility mode?
  2. Thanks for your suggestion.
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    U can also run the XP mode, since u have the Pro version.

    Download Windows XP Mode with Virtual PC

    Do I need Windows XP Mode?
    Windows 7 has several built-in tools to help with program compatibility and Windows XP programs should be installed directly on Windows 7. Windows XP Mode runs many older Windows XP productivity programs and that are not natively compatible with Windows 7, thus helping realize cost savings and reduce possible operational downtime by extending the life of existing software. Visit the Windows 7 Compatibility Center to find software that works with Windows 7.
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