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Minimum GPU needed for SWTOR

What is the minimum GPU for it to run a SWTOR game at medium settings with 1280x1024 and will run fantastic? Im asking this for a friend of mine since I am anti EA :P but thats not the point. I was looking at a card same as mine whichs HD6450 but not sure if its capable of that in SWTOR.

EDIT: its only PCI Express x16 in case you guys needed to know such thing. also budget would be 130$ at most.
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  1. Motherboard , ram , cpu and power supply ?
    A 6670 or 6770 might be what your looking for.

    That is the pc he has. Its by HP all the infos are there =D

    Mobo: M2N68-LA (Narra5)
    ram : 4 gigs
    cpu : Athlon II x2 215 i think? 2.7 ghz
    PSU : 250 watts

    ohh I just realized its only 250 watts oh crap that might need to be upgraded too correct?
  3. The 250w is rather small and most cards in the 6670 and 6770 range and up require 400w and up. If it's a quality psu and has good amps there's a chance it will power a 6670 or a 6570 but SWOTR is a new game and as such has somewhat higher requirements. The low end of the requirements will play the game but then you have to consider the performance that you want.

    As you can see by this link the system requirements are fairly low and you have to figure out what you want for performance. The chart below will give you a sense of what cards are where on the list of high to low.,3107-7.html
  4. My friend isnt all that picky he just want the game to run decently with medium settings at least but that chart definitely opened my eyes slightly, thanks for that.

    Thats a good quality psu is it not?

    Is that a decent 6670? its 128 bits which I think is not to bad.
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    Good choices for the psu and video card , the thing with that particular psu is that it doesn't come with a power cord and they want you to reuse the one you have which is ok unless you are reselling it. A better video card would be ;

    Saphire Tech makes good AMD/ATI/ Radeon video cards.
  6. heh my friend likes that card you chose good pick! =D Thanks <3 he isnt planning to sell his PSU so he is all set.
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  8. Well good luck to your friend and his gaming.
  9. inzone said:
    Well good luck to your friend and his gaming.
    thanks for the help
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