Radeon HD 7970 Coil/Cap Buzzing

I'm currently evaluating GPU options for a new PC I'm building, and with the recent price drops on the 7970s I'm giving them serious consideration. Sapphire's OC 7970 can be had for $450 right now for example. BUT ...

I keep reading about people experiencing annoying coil or cap buzzing/whining on the 7970s, across many manufacturers (some seem to be worse than others). My ears tend to be pretty sensitive to this kind of electronic noise, so I'm wary of even considering the 7970s now.

Here are a couple of example videos out there ...



So I'm wondering, for those of you who own this card, are you experiencing this? If so, is it a non-issue with the case all sealed up, or is it bothersome? I realize it's going to differ for everyone based on all the different variables, but I'm trying to get a general consensus before I keep the card on my list or scratch it.
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  1. ^+1
    Yeah newegg is good for there customer service. So you could take the chance and you might not have that problem. Good luck to you.
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