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I was looking through my computer, because I was curious on how many cores my PC has, so i searched and it said on my pic... 4 cores and 4 logical cores. So I am confused. Does it mean I have 8 cores?

Also it is an 15 2320 @ 3.00GHz and it is able to overclock to like 3.20
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  1. It has 4 cores. The Logical Cores figure is how many cores it appears to have as far as the OS is concerned. As the i5 doesn't have hyperthreading, this is the same as the number of physical cores. On a Core i3 or i7 with hyperthreading, the number of logical cores is twice the number of physical cores because hyperthreading simulates two logical cores on each physical core. (IBM's POWER7 processors have 4-way HT, allowing each of their 8 physical cores to simulate 4 logical cores.)
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