Periodic lag/freezing and no max performance?

Hello everyone how is it going!
First of all, I apologize as I think this is in the wrong section, but I couldn't find a " help section " to post in, so please bear with me as this problem is driving me up the wall and this computer is like 3 days old only.
So I've built a new PC, specs :
CPU : Core i5 3450
Mobo : Gigabyte P61A-D3
GPU : GTX 560 Ti
PSU : 700 Watts Cougar
So I've been experiencing a periodic lag, which I noticed both normally and in a game ( Crysis 2, which is the only game I've been playing since I got this ). The computer freezes for a sec, then goes on. Also it occured in Crysis 2 twice, once it froze for a sec or two then continuted, the other time the FPS dropped from constant 60 FPS to something like 45 FPS for a sec or two then returned to 60 FPS.
Also one time the computer totally froze and I had to do a reboot from the reset button.
I tried updating the GPU drivers to latest, same problem.
I think something is wrong and I'm not getting the max out of my PC, as it runs Crysis 2 on 50-60 FPS ( and sometimes drops to mid-late 40's ) only on 1280x1024 17'', V-sync on and hardcore settings ( and the benchmarks shows that it runs with better FPS on max settings and full HD ).
Thanks in advance and all help is appreciated.
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  1. I suspect either the motherboard or PSU is the cause of the trouble....but its quite hard to say unless you test each of the components.

    You could try flashing the BIOS of your motherboard to the latest version and using the default settings to see if that fixes the problem. I had a DG33FB mobo that used to get occasionally stuck up on startup....once i flashed to the latest BIOS the problem disappeared :)
  2. Yea but flashing the bios is a pretty risky process, isn't it? It's still in warranty, I don't want to brick the motherboard.
    How can I test the components?
    Also, I'd like to mention that while playing, my CPU cores' temperature were around 60-63 celesius, and the GPU was 77C. Are those ok or it's some sort of overheating issue?
    And the periodic freezing occurs even on desktop while merely using the windows explorer. Once I had the Realtemp window open and I was trying to use explorer, explorer froze for like a sec or two but realtemp kept normal. Does this mean it may be a software issue ( corrupt windows etc? )
    Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your help.
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  5. Make a full sweep of GTX560 ti present drivers and re-install it. also fully defragment the HDD . What ur graphic cards volatges at idle and while playing games pls mention. And get read of that stock cpu cooler and get something better in place.

    And temps u mentioned are normal, not to worry.

    Flashing the bios not risky unless u have ups installed because only power failure can interupt the update process. Updating bios is simple and helpful. Updating bios is covered under warranty.
  6. Thanks for the reply appreciated.
    I updated the drivers but without removing the first drivers. Should this cause problems?
    Why do I need to defragment the HDD? The HDD is pretty much new and this problem has appeared since day 1, when it was empty and I had only a game or two installed on one partition of it.
    Voltage at idle : 0.95, voltage at load : 1.0
    I don't want to change the GPU cooler until I'm 100% sure that the GPU is the issue.
    I checked and I have the latest bios.
    I ran primetest for about 20 minutes and the test went smooth without errors, so I think the CPU is not the problem.
    However, I ran furmark and set it to alarm me at 85C. It reached 85C within only 3 minutes, and the fan usage never exceeded 53%. Does this mean that the GPU fan could be faulty, not cooling it enough?
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  9. Bumpity bump, my advice is to check temperatures when playing your games with HWmonitor. In addition the importance of defragging your hard drive is to reduce load times, your hard drive sometimes writes things apart and so it takes longer to read those files. When you defrag it the hard drive re-writes the files close to each other to reduce load times.
  10. I tested my temperatures, the highest temperature was 85C but that's when I had v-sync off so the GPU was working 100%.
  11. Voltages are normal. You can use MSI afterburner and set fan speed control to use profile mode. That will help. Because 85degree and fan speed is just 53% seems like fan is being underused. i have set fanspeed to 100% as soon as it crosses 65 degree and it helps. And about fan noise it automatically gets killed coz i use 5.1 dolby sound system while playing games. Feels like real warfield. :lol:
  12. Okay thanks for the advice. However I heard that messing with the GPU fan might cause some problems? I'm not an expert so I don't want to mess up.
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