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Hi, I am planning to build a new computer over this summer. But, for obvious reasons, I am a little wary of spending $800 to $1000 dollars for a computer that might not even start up because of my inexperience. My question is, would it be sensible to hold up on the video card and just use integrated graphics until I've tested that my computer does indeed work? This could save me some money if I find out that I've broken something somehow. And if I can, how would I go about doing this (like, installing the graphics card later)?
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  1. That works. You don't need a graphics card to verify that you have not damaged any components.

    I also wouldn't worry too much about breaking anything. Newegg has a 30day return/replace policy too if you decide to order your parts through them.

    Once you've built your computer all you have to do to install your graphics card is put the card in your PCIe slot and plug in the power cord(s).
  2. Just read up on how to build a PC ( There are a lot of websites, with step by steps )

    This is one of them

    Just take your time, and if your not sure just make a post and ask.
  3. Okay, thanks guys. With newegg's policy, if I break it I can still return it?
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    I've never had a problem returning anything in the 30 days. I don't think you can use your motherboard for skeet practice and expect them to replace it, but any normal damage (blown capacitor, overheating, faulty connectors) they'll replace. After the 30days you have to go through the company (gigabyte, asus, evga, msi, corsair, etc). Their costumer service will replace things too.

    I've returned power supplies, motherboards, graphics cards, ram sticks. No problems.
  5. This would be a nice 1K build

    CPU DVD [...] mbo.972819

    MOBO [...] 6813157297

    GPU [...] 6814130782

    HDD [...] 6822148697

    PSU [...] 6817207013

    CASE [...] 6811119233

    RAM [...] 6820226191

    All the parts are good QL and IMO will be a grate gaming rig under 1 K
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