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I'm wanting to buy another gtx 460 and run it in sli. However i can not find a exact match to mine. So i'm wondering if i can use a overclocked or different bit 460 in sli. I have a basic 1 GB 675 core speed, 900 memory speed, and 1350 shader. It is also a 256bit most of the ones i can find speeds are alot higher and its 198 bit. Will it work with the higher speeds and lower bits?
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  1. get 256 bit and same 1G mem size - clock will not be a problem. You can use MSI afterburner to set clock to what ever you want to try.
  2. Acording to Nvidia the thing that matters most with the cards is the amount of memory on the card so if that's the same then you should be able to use different core speed cards. This may help;
  3. If I remember correctly, the 192bit 460 is based on the GF114 vs GF104(256bit 460) and as Malmental says cannot be ran in SLI with the 256bit 460.
  4. I called NIVIDI tech support and they told me that the 192 and 256 would work, But both cards would run at 192. So i'm still on the search for a 256..i have found 256 SE cards...but i hear bad things about them. Mostly that they run alot hotter than my current one.
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