My First High End PC, THoughts?

So I recently found all the parts I would like for my gaming/video editing PC. And I would like your thoughts on the build. I am stuck on what motherboard to choose from, GPU, and whether to get the Momentus XT or an individual combo of SSD and HDD and if my motherboard is future proof. My processor is the i7-3820 and my RAM is G>SKILL Sniper Series 8GB. Here are my parts.

Motherboards (will the X79 also support ivy bridge and ib-e - 22nm and 32nm?):|13-138-346^13-138-346-TS%2C13-157-282^13-157-282-TS%2C13-157-289^13-157-289-TS%2C13-131-801^13-131-801-TS%2C13-157-290^13-157-290-TS


Momentus XT:|22-148-591^22-148-591-TS%2C22-148-837^22-148-837-TS%2C22-148-940^22-148-940-01%23


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  1. can you please fill out the sticky on the top of the forum page aboiut how to ask for build advice
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