First High End PC, Thoughts?

So I recently found all the parts I would like for my gaming/video editing PC. And I would like your thoughts on the build. I am stuck on what motherboard to choose from, GPU, and whether to get the Momentus XT or an individual combo of SSD and HDD and if my motherboard is future proof. My processor is the i7-3820 and my RAM is G>SKILL Sniper Series 8GB. Here are my parts.

Motherboards (will the X79 also support ivy bridge and ib-e - 22nm and 32nm?):|13-138-346^13-138-346-TS%2C13-157-282^13-157-282-TS%2C13-157-289^13-157-289-TS%2C13-131-801^13-131-801-TS%2C13-157-290^13-157-290-TS


Momentus XT:|22-148-591^22-148-591-TS%2C22-148-837^22-148-837-TS%2C22-148-940^22-148-940-01%23


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  1. It's almost never worthwhile to get an i7-3820, frankly. For generic tasks, you are better off with an i7-2600k or an i7-3770k running on a Z77 (or some other chipset) LGA 1155 board. X79 boards are very expensive. By contrast, if you're really going high end, you might as well bite the bullet and get an i7-3930k. You get 6 cores, which might occasionally matter depending on the kind of work you do, and you also justify your X79 board. The only advantage for the i7-3820 compared to an i7-3770k is 10MB of L3 cache (as opposed to 8MB for the 3770k) and the X79 chipset, which allows quad-channel memory for example.

    So unless you're doing some really serious editing/productivity work, get an i7-3770k and a Z77 motherboard. But if you're going high end, go all-out and get a i7-3930k and an X79 board. I just think there's almost never a reason to get an i7-3820.

    As for GPU, tell us how much you want to spend here.

    By the way, the X79 motherboards are socket LGA 2011 and will NOT support the Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge processors, which are socket LGA 1155. X79 boards only support Sandy Bridge E.
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