Freezing with audio looping - requires a reboot

I have been recently experiencing a strange crash that happens on my computer frequently. So far, in the ~10 times it has occured over the last 3 days, it has crashed mostly during my gaming time - until now. I was writing this when it happened again. Basically, all sound starts a loop and nothing works at all. I initially thought it was overheating in my computer so I ran some temp. checks while playing games and nothing in my computer was breaking 75 deg. C, so I ruled that out. I ran anti-spyware and anti-virus - nothing.

The only changes my computer has made since I noticed the crashes are the following: installed a few programs, added 3 400gb hard drives to my computer, and swapped out my PSU from a Kingwin 730w (cheapo) to an Antec HCG-750w, a much nicer version. I doubt it's any of the programs, most are games, and I'm not leaning towards the HDDs since there is no information on them at the moment. Could it have to deal with my power supply? Nothing is overheating, as I stated before, but maybe something isn't fully plugged in? I have no idea.

Any help would be wonderful - and sorry if this is the incorrect board but I wasn't positive where to put it.

On a side note - when I added those hard drives, I remember booting up and not getting any boot. I opened my computer back up and I noticed I had bumped the power cord on the boot drive, plugged it back in, and rebooted. Everything went fine from there... I'm not sure if that's of any consequence.
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  1. did you plud it up when the power was on if yes then would check the drive with the maker tool
  2. No, the computer was off.
  3. I would expect this to be a driver issue, GPU or audio. have you update anything recently? an option is to run system restore and go back before the crashes to see if they continue.

    first check the event viewer for errors under system and applications.

    info on event viewer:

    could also be a hardware problem. run prime95 for several hours to check the CPU and run memtest 86 overnight to check for memory issues. are uoh overclocking?
  4. I'll check on this stuff. I am overclocking but I've been doing it just fine for 8 months with a great cooler installed.
  5. if you have any voltages not at stock as part of your overclock i would try and "redo" it. My thought here being since you changed the power supply and overclocks can be very picky with voltage the board may be getting slightly different values than before which might affect it just enough to be unstable.

    Like the old may have put out 12.2v and the new might be 12.1v. maybe just enough to throw off the CPU voltage regulators a bit. not sure how likely it is but I'd start with prime95 and try bumping the cpu voltage a notch.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely look into all of this and see what I get.
  7. The PSU is an upgrade. I would check for an updated video card driver.
  8. aford10 said:
    The PSU is an upgrade.

    I realize this, but normally on an overclock you're at the lowest voltage possible to make it work, any drop and it will be unstable. So the PSU could be an upgrade with better regulation/closer to spec, which might result in the voltage regulators outputting a slightly lower/different voltage at the same setting. It shouldn't have much affect if any but if it was right at the edge between stable/unstable i wouldnt be shocked. come to think of it I had to mess with my overclock when I changed mine.
  9. For anyone looking to fix this in the future, I disabled my uninstalled my AV program and reinstalled it (MSE). Works for now.
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