Graphics card issue !!! Please HELP Guys !!!

I've bought a new graphics card Sapphire Radeon 7870 OC edition. My system psu is Thermaltake Tough power XT 675Watt. But the problem is from last 3 days when I playing games like Just cause 2 / Modern warfare 2 / Bf3 etc, after playing some time (like 30mintues - 2 hours) my monitor automatically turns off. When I turn it on its showing "No signal" and it remain off But my Cpu Keeps running, keyboard, mouse everything on but my monitor shows no signal and its turn off. I Can't understand what could be the problem. I am using an AOC 22 inch Full HD monitor. It has 1 VGA port, 2 HDMI port (No DVI port). So I am using HDMI connection from my card to my monitor. I've updated the driver also. I have catalyist 12.4 installed. My gpu temperature is showing ok 35-40 C at idle. I am not overclocking eigther my Cpu or my gpu. My casing is well ventilated also. It has 3, 90mm fan and 1, 120mm fan. Please Guys help me what could be the problem??? I am very tensed :(

Here are my pc spec :

Core i7 2600k
Ram 8 GB
Sapphire 7870 Ghz edition
HDD 500 GB
Thermaltake Tough power XT 675Watt
Deluxe casing
Aoc e2243fw2k 21.5 inch monitor
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  1. Make sure the monitor esaver function and power off timer aren't interfereing. I have a feeling it's monitor related. Make sure the monitor power saving features are off (not in windows).
  2. Thank you for your help but it didn't work :( Monitor goes black when playing games and turn off immediately. When I turn it on it shows no signal and going off again. If I restart my cpu, monitor not truning on. Monitor only turn on when I power off the whole system and turn on whole system again. I've changed my HDMI Cable and its fine. Monitor also running fine unless I play game. I am playing all game at high details (bf3 on ultra). I think this problem is for heavy gpu load though I am not sure. Please help me guys !!! With all high settings every game runs Smoothly but suddenly it goes black and monitor going off. Should I RMA my Card??

    Please anyone HELP me with this weird ISSUE. I am tensed like hell :(
  3. I wish I could help you but I have the same problem. It happens pretty rare (once a month it seems) I will be playing a game then BAM monitor turns off and loses signal yet system is still on. All lights are on, fans are running, mobo is still functioning (I have an LCD built into the mobo and its still keeping track of cpu temp). I know its not a monitor problem because I am on a dual monitor setup (Main is using HDMI second is using DVI) and both monitors are not receiving signals. I downloaded HWINFO32 to monitor the video card temp while playing a game and temp never went beyond 60 (Stayed around 50 to 54 whole time although it didnt do the freeze/ blackout thing) so I dont think its a heating issue. Only thing that seems out of place is the HD light isnt on but that may just be because the system is frozen.

    Here are my specs:

    Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 OC edition

    MSI 990FXA GD80

    AMD FX 4100

    8 gigs of Gskill 1600 (2 sticks 4 gigs each)

    Corsair TX 650 watts

    Wester Digital Sata 6gbps 1 TB HD

    ***** I didnt OC anything.

    I agree if anyone can solve this really obnoxious problem I would be very grateful.
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