Dell Inspiron 620 Mini Tower doesn't seem to have a bracket

Ok, so my dell inspiron 620 Mini Tower doesn't seem to have a bracket for my new video card that i want to buy. I opened the case up and I know where i would put in the new video card in and everything, but there seems to be no bracket to put it in and also no opening to put in the cable to my monitor. Do I need to do something, or is it just going to be like this? By the way, here is the video card i was going to buy. Asus radeon hd 6670 1gb gddr5 high profile
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  1. There should be a pcie slot on the motherboard for it.
  2. The card will have your monitor connections on it.
  3. Yes there is a pcie slot for it, but the problem is that i can't seem to find a bracket on the back of my tower for my monitor cord to plug into the graphics card
  4. The connections for the monitor will be on the graphics card bracket.
  5. so then would the bracket that i have to remove be to the left of that? Because I know that it is a pcie 16 slot that i need and i have it, but I'm just confused about where the opening is for me to plug in my VGA cord
  6. Yes then your card drops in that open slot,
  7. How would i undo the opening in the back for my connectors?
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  9. It's not hard to install,take your time.
  10. Ok thanks haha i figured it out, there was like a small latch on the side i had to lift up. Thanks for the help
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