Replacing Gigabyte GTX 570 SOC - radeon 7870?

I had some issues with this GPU for some weeks now and decided to send it back to the store to get it tested.

This is my current setup:

Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3
Akasa Venom Cooler
NZXT Phantom Black
Gigabyte GTX570 SOC
8GB ram DDR3 1600 Geil Corsa

Only with this setup the gtx 570 will eventually fail to boot and compromise the whole system. Sometimes it fails, sometimes it runs, and when it runs there is no further issue.

They can't really tell what is wrong with the gpu, so they decided to let me choose another gpu to replace that, as no other GPU would fail with my system.

Wanted to ask the community whether is it worth it getting the Radeon 7870 to replace the flawed GTX 570 or should I save up for another GPU?
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  1. Well, the HD 7870 is almost as powerful as GTX it's better than GTX 570 in performance. If you wanna go extreme performance so you'll go with the HD 7970.
  2. minimal upgrade not worth it in the end.
  3. As a replacement not an upgrade HD7870/50 gets good reviews. How much $$ are they giving you for the GTX570? GTX680 would be mighty fine.
  4. I read ppl have been experiencing some issues with the 7870, where it would not boot sometimes and in Starcraft and WoW it just wouldn't run or run glitchy. Is there really any texture glitch with this card?

    i paid R$1280,00 for 570 (around US$ 700,00, i know, brazil sucks when it comes to technology) so i will be getting the 7870 with no extra costs. GTX 680 is over my budget, as it costs around US$ 1000,00.

    thx for the answer guys!!
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    I own a Sapphire HD7870 OC GHz edition for 3 weeks now. I have not played StarCraft or Wow on it, but I have played/playing at least 6 games, not to mention some 3D graphics as well and never had any issues.
    I am still using the Catalyst 12.3 which was the first official driver to support these cards. Perhaps people with issues were using older drivers? (mind you the card was released before the official driver support, so the fact that it was working was not a guarantee that it will work properly).
    In short, yes the HD7870 is more than a good replacement for the GTX570.
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  7. That settles it then! thx!
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