Best Razer mouse and keyboard?

Hey I am wondering what the best 79.99 Razer mouse is. Also what the best 79.99 - 99.99 Razer keyboard is. I will be playing minecraft mostly along with some guild wars 2 and battlefield 3 and don't know what mouse and keyboard to pick.
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    The DeathAdder is the best mouse Razer make.

    As for keyboards, none of them are particularly any good, the Arctosa and Lycosa are terrible but the Blackwidow is an ok mechanical keyboard but it depends if you like either Cherry MX Blue switches or Cherry MX Browns, if you don't like either cherry switch you won't like the blackwidow.
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    for the mouse, the deathadder is pretty much the best one out there, id suggest paying a little more (or maybe they cost the same) for the black edition as it is a bit more durable and the finish wont come off as fast.

    for the keyboard, id suggest to not go with razer as their stuff usually costs more than it should. id suggest going to newegg and check out the rosewell mechanical keyboards. they have pretty much every kind of switch type to pick from
  3. I can't comment on keyboards but far as $79.99 mice I have my eyes on the Razer Naga Hex. Particularly the green one (however it comes in red also). The 6 side button layout looks very ideal for MMOs such as Guild Wars II. (BTW I am very excited about the release of that game. It looks fantastic!) It should be really helpful for programming macros.

  4. naga is meant more for the claw gripper and the MMO guy. Deathadder is meant more for the palm grpper and FPS
  5. not much of a fan of Razer, it has to much hype for the products they sell.

    not saying it is bad i am just saying there are better ones for FPS

    i do say i like their MMO mices though

    for FPS i really like RAT mices

    decent pricing, high DPI(which is needed for faster reactions) and has a slow down option to make a more precised aim

    also this mice is pretty nice my friend has one and it fits my hand really nice
  6. What is a switch type on a keyboard?
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  8. Have a Deathadder on my rig and no complaints so far.

    But like an idiot I got the Razer Arctosa for my keyboard. Black lettering on black keys is quite annoying, the upper right media controls arn't touch and the LED's on the media control will blind you if you look at it. While the rest of the board is fine, these issues would prevent me from getting another.
  9. bryce6622 said:
    What is a switch type on a keyboard?
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