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Hi all..
In short, fried my PC beginning this year, have the funds to build a new one, didn’t want to go the “will make do” route this time. To avoid TL : DR I’ve cut up the post into short sections..
I also read the posting guidelines AFTER I had written the post.. so please don’t shoot me.. much.. :whistle:

Gaming. Mostly FPS (crysis, farcry, l4d, CoD, MoH etc etc) sometimes racing (NFS generally) and then the occasional RPG. Next to this there’s also a growing urge (blame Crysis) to take up game-mapping again (used to for quake/HL).
Besides gaming, which WILL be it’s primary goal, there’s also work to be done. My work ((web)developer) consists out of several different tasks which generally use:
- photoshop/illustrator/flex/eclipse/
- running multiple local servers (amp)
- running virtual machines (in vmware player/ms’s virtual thingy for testing)
- running multiple browsers (PITTY ME!! ;))
The PC will be practically always on in a network with multiple other (windows)machines, using synergy to work with those. And yes, I will offload some of the stuff above to the other PC’s but if these are occupied (these are the kid’s pc’s see) I don’t want to be without options ;)
Oh, and there’s at least two monitors.

I thought to start with the best gaming cpu Tom’s hardware recommended and work from there. The case is one I wanted for a while now.. Data disks aren’t needed since I already got those from my previous system (~1.5T/3 disks). These will also contain the games and virtual hosts. monitors/mouse/keyboard ..etc are already available.
The links go to a dutch website, as I will be buying this in Holland, but the specs are pretty self explanatory.
CPU Intel Core i7 3930K
board Asus Sabertooth X79
ram Corsair Vengeance CML16GX3M2A1600C10
Video Nvidia EVGA GTX 680 FTW+ 4GB(*)
ssd Intel 520 120GB ( for system/programs etc)
ssd Intel 520 60GB ( for photoshop-scratch etc)
case NZXT Phantom | PHAN-001WT
cooler Noctua NH-D14 Special Edition
psu Corsair Gaming GS800
(*because, have you seen that techdemo of borderlands2???)

Showed the list to a friend and he came up with a cheaper alternative.
CPU Intel Core i7 3770K Boxed
board Asus Maximus IV Extreme (3.0)
ram Corsair Vengeance CML16GX3M2A1600C10
video EVGA GeForce GTX 680
ssd Intel 520 120GB
ssd Intel 520 60GB
case NZXT Phantom | PHAN-001WT
cooler Noctua NH-U9B SE2
psu Corsair Gaming GS800

Will be bought somewhere in the next two months.
In the Netherlands, will send various shops (based on pricewatch) the list and ask for a package-price. If I get them separately the price will be:
hi- ~2050 euro
Low- ~1550 euro

Now, between the lists there isn’t THAT big a difference in items. And yes, I DO have the funds to do option 1, which is about 2000 euro. BUT.. The difference financially is about ~450/500 euro. And that’s pretty much 20-25% of the price. So I have two questions..
1. Is the upgrade in hardware significant enough to qualify for, say, 15/20% more actually useful power?
2. Is there anything in these configurations that would prevent it from being useful in, say, two years?

Also, I fully expect to be wanting to upgrade when possible/necessary, but rather not in the near future. Or maybe tweak the hardware. All these fans should be good for something ;)
I would cry if far-cry3/crysis3/Borderlands2 would fry the system (or force me to play on 640x480, software mode)..

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Cheers, Patrick.
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    id get this build based off of the i7 3770k. the 3930k isnt that much better than the i7 3770k (maybe 10% tops)

    im afraid you will have to import a lot of these parts in from either the uk or from alot of my parts dont exsist in the Netherlands and you dont have much of a choice in hardware. buy what you can
  2. I would vote for option 2, more or less. I think your friend gave you good advice.

    Games rarely use more than two or three cores, so extra cores and hyperhtreading will go largely unused.
    The 3570K is as good as it gets for gaming. The 3770K has hyperthreading,but that is of little value for gaming, and is not worth the 35% price premium. But, since you have a good budget, the 3770K is probably better since you will be doing some level of multitasking.

    I think I would just buy a single 180gb or 240gb Intel 520 ssd. Larger drives have more nand chips and tend to perform better.
    More consolidated space is better for load wearing.

    I love the noctua coolers, but I like the NH-D14 from build 1 better.. I have used the U9db and the 92mm fan can get noisy.

    For a GTX680, I think the stock 2gb of vram is fine. I might buy the FTW overclocked version, since I think it has a better cooler.
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