BF3 Green Square Artifact Crashing

Hey all,

I just obtained the 2nd card to complete my SLI setup. Im running two GTX 580's (PNY XLR8 Enthusiast edition STOCK OVERCLOCK). Any time i try playing Battlefield 3 with this setup or even one 580 for that matter, i get a green square artifact crash. this leads me to believe this is a memory clock issue with both cards being overclocked (since it does not say the cards crash/nvidia recovered from a driver crash or what have you). if anyone can help me sort this out I would really appreciate it.


here is a screen cap of an error i got the first time after the artifact crash
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  1. Strange. Have you tried reinstalling the drivers? Does it only affect Battlefield 3?
  2. I have not tried reinstalling the drivers, but yes it only happens in battlefield. I lowered the memory clock to 1700 and it seems to work fine now
  3. Try re-seating the card in your PCI slot.
  4. dormantreign said:
    Try re-seating the card in your PCI slot.

    I will try this
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