Very poor sound in headphones on new PC

So I've built a PC (my first), and it's all up and running. I hook my headphones in (in the back green slot) to listen to some music and it sounds terrible. My case is oddly shaped and the headphones can't be plugged into the front jack. I've tried messing with drivers for my motherboard, screwing with realtek, volume controls.. can't improve the sound. My computer also doesn't seem able to recognize that I'm in headphones rather than using speakers.

Any ideas? :(
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  1. You can change the defualt sound device in windows Volume mixer and it will auto disable the others when headphones are plugged in.

    I don't know what to say about the back audio jacks because iv only ever used them for full surround sound speakers, not just headphones
  2. Ugh, I forced the headphones into the jack on the front and they're not being recognized at all. No sound, can't do anything in the awful new realtek program. This is really frustrating.

    edit: Yeah, the headphone jack in the front is apparently shot. If i try to stick the headphones into the mic slot it asks me what I'm plugging in, but if I put it in the headphone slot it does nothing.
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