A pc built for minecraft

My Amd Radeon HD 6990 is broken and i have 25 days to wait so they gave me a substitute:
a Nvidia GT 240...i was wandering if i could run minecraft with it(60+ fPS) with the rest of the components:;
I7-2700l 3,9 GHZ
16 Gb Ram
Thanks for the answers in advance
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  1. You could run it, but thats a bit of a bottleneck. Minecraft is very CPU intensive and doesnt use much of GPU. You should be fine, you might get some lag spikes when the game needs to render some graphical aspects but other than that you should be ok. You can lower the render distance and quality down lower settings. The quality can be lowered to the lowest and you wouldnt know the difference anyway.
  2. I'm sorry I should have been more clear. Its a bottleneck if your wanting to play other GPU intensive games. But only for minecraft your fine.
  3. the 240 shouldn't have a problem playing minecraft.

    a 6990 + i7 is really overkill for minecraft.
  4. You could just plug in the card they gave you, turn on minecraft and try it??
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