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Hello, i am attempting to build my first computer and needed help in seeing if what i picked out is compatible and would work if i built it. Like i said at the start, this is my first build so i want to make sure that everything will work with minimal trouble. My budget is $580 at the max and if you could find a way to make what i have cheaper, that would be even better. The build below's price is $575 after the discounts from the combo deals. Thanks to anyone that will help, it is much appreciated.
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  1. This isn't about compatibility but I would find a different PSU and I would NEVER buy a refurb anything especially a computer part especially an HDD. I don't even know how one goes about refurbing a HDD. False economics.

    Looks decent but change the PSU to this ^
  3. I also agree, stay away from refurb products doing a build.
  4. This any better for the hard drive, and would all of this fit properly in the case and be compatible.
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    yes should be fine.
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