HTPC 3D PLAYBACK without 3d av reciever

Since my av reciever dont have 3d support but i want hd audio do i need to get a soundcard with hd audio support and plug that to av reciever and 3d playback graphics card and plug to my 3d projector? unless there is graphics card with 2 hdmi out put. currently my htpc using ati 5450 playing perfectly with hd audio output but iwant to upgrade my htpc to playback 3d and i think 5450 cant playback 3d.

thanks in advance for those reply to question
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  1. first of all, does the 5450 support 3D playback. if yes, 3d should work fine. if not, you can get yourself a nvidia card with 3d surround and you will be able to play your movies fine

    you can get pretty decent sound from the reciever so you should be worrying. if not, you can get yourself a asus d series sound card. they range from 30 -80bucks and have great sound
  2. I'm not worried about the sound cause i can already get HD sound from the 5450 but since my AV receiver doens't have 3D ready i wonder if i can get another graphics card ati 6570 (support 3D) and install that (since my MOBO have another spare PCI-E) then i can HDMI connect the 6570 to my 3D Projector and connec the 5450 into the AV Receiver to get HD audio.

    Would that work instead of getting a soundcard or do i need to buy 2 6570 ATI to install just one type of driver?
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