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Hi I'm on a pretty tight budget and want to make some upgrades so I can get better gaming proformance (DayZ mostly). I have an old Dell motherboard with an Intel 2.33Ghz Duo, Nvidia GT520 (DDR3, 2GB but only 64bit), 4x 1GB DDR2 667Mhz, 300w original PSU and 64bit Windows 7. I was just given an Asus M3A motherboard with an AMD AM2 Athalon 64 X2 5600+ (CZ) 2.4Ghz, Nvidia 9800 GX2 (DDR3, 1GB and 512bit) and 460w FSP PSU. I was thinking of using the new mother board, GPU and getting an AM2+ Phenom X4 9750 2.4Ghz. I was just going to use my old ram till I can afford to get 4x 2GB 1066Mhz ram which is only compatible if I use the Phenom (which I can get for around $60) I was also going to get a new 600w - 700w PSU as Nvidia recommends at least 585w, Any recommendations on a fairly cheap reliable PSU? Also because the CPU is so cheap I was thinking about trying to overclock it, but how much would still be considered safe? Any suggestions are welcome, Thanks.
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  1. Well if there is one thing I always stress out the most on upgrading or building a new computer is that you should never ever cheap out on a power supply (unless its for your enemy's computer :P). Also the 460w FSP Power supply will not work with the new build since it is not enough for it. The new build needs around 480 watts at 100% load.

    This power supply is on sale, with a mail in rebate and is modular, all for 44.99 after the rebate!


    Also If you do overclock the CPU it will be safe if you have an aftermarket CPU cooler and don't set the voltage to anything abnormally high.
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