Zotac 560 ti

I was looking for an upgrade to my radeon 5670 in order to play diablo3 and witcher and i came across this card
I was initially gonna get a 6870 but i know the 560 tis are faster. ANyone got any info on zotac?

MY specs are
Cpu:- i5-2400
PSU-620w seasonic bronze
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    Zotac seems to be a mainstream manufacturer and while they do'nt go crazy with overclocking and big coolers they do seem to be pretty decent.They also don't put out that many models because of that so they don't flood the market with 5 or 6 different versions of the same gpu.
  2. I had a Zotac GTS250, never had any issues with it. However, I will say this-if that price includes a rebate, don't plan on ever getting it.
  3. Currently running 3x zotac amp gtx 580's in a machine now and am quite happy with them.
  4. got a 560 ti oc from it...tigerdirects got on sale right very careful with their rebates....if it doesnt show in a timely matter write them...took care of it and had a check within a week.
  5. Had a horrible experience with a Zotac board. Their customer support is the very definition of unhelpful. Took five days for them to just tell me to RMA the board after repeatedly instructing me to do things I'd already done days before (which I explained in my first email). The customer service rep had a bad attitude as well, like it was some huge inconvenience for him to take two days to send me a form letter response.

    They're also bad about refusing to honor rebates until you involve the Better Business Bureau (seriously, go look at their BBB page).

    I'd really recommend going with a brand that's not going to screw you over if things go south. I just can't stress enough how much it sucked to deal with these people. Avoid at all costs.
  6. Hey that sounds just like Gigabyte's tech support and I had the same thing happen with thier motherboard and it's cuurently in for repair (mabe) or whatever they decide they are going to do with it. Asus is almost as bad and I guess it's hard to find good customer service and tech support today.
  7. I actually had a great experience with Gigabyte about five years ago. Built a new rig and their board arrived DOA. Gigabyte advance shipped a replacement and paid shipping both ways after a single phone call.
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  9. I also had zotac gtx 460's in sli 2 gb.I had an 8800 GT from them and it still works to this day.I never had any problems with them and would buy from them again..
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