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Hi I got a dell Xps 8300 I put in a corsair 850 gold certified psu I was wondering if a hd 6990 graphics card would work in this rig? the reason I ask is because I bought a gtx 680 and it seems everyone is having problems with it posting . as far as i have seen nobody has gotten a 680 to work in a dell xps 8300. So does anyone own a dell xps 8300 and have a hd 6990 card in theirs that can confirm it works?
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  1. I wonder if those other people have upgraded their power supplies. I have no idea if you will fare any better or not with the 6990.
  2. Yeah almost everyone that bought the gtx 680 swapped out the power supply the only reason I ask if the 6990 will work is because I had a evga 590 and that fired up just fine
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