6990 upgrade?

looking to upgrade my 6990 to the latest and or greatest.
Im running a p6t deluxe v2 board which only has pci e 2 I think.

Any suggestions?

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  1. You'll need either a pair of GTX 680s or crossfire a couple 7000 series cards. There's not a lot left above the 6990.
  2. for a single card your still the latest and greatest for performace wise unless you find a mars 2
  3. so no card has yet to be better than this one?
    not even the top of the 7 series?

    sorry not in the loop..
  4. The 6990 is a dual GPU card. It's literally just two 6970s on one board. The equivalent dual GPU card for the 7000 series won't be released until later this year. The 7970, which will be combined for the 7990, is available, however, and you can just get a pair of those.

    Crossfiring two cards will generally produce better results than a dual GPU card because heat is much less of an issue and the cards can be clocked much more aggressively.
  5. well nvidia just announced the 690
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