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Hey guys, I am currently working on a custom media pc, and I have been having problems with it ever since I hooked all the hardware together. Most of the time when I start it up, it will go into a boot cycle, trying to boot up for about 7 seconds and then shutting itself off for another 5 seconds before it starts itself up again, only to repeat this process until I unplug the power supply. The strange thing is, every once in a while it will actually boot up, and it was one of these times that I was able to get windows installed on it. I am planning on selling this thing once it is complete, and I can't be selling it when it is hit or miss about booting properly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. might be the front panel power button is faulty .

    Test it by disconnecting the front panel power and reset buttons , and see if the computer boots when you short the two pins for the power button with the tip of a screwdriver momentarily
  2. I just tried your suggestion Outlander, and it seems the problem is much bigger than the power button. As soon as I plug in my power supply, the computer starts itself and goes into the endless boot cycle, regardless of if the power button wire is plugged into the motherboard or not. It is very strange. Also, during the boot cycle, nothing appears on the monitor.
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