I5-3570k and HIS radeon HD 7850, are this normal temps?

Just wondering if this temps are ok for my system... Coming from a Phenom II x3 unlocked to x4 and overclocked to 3.6 with idle temps at 30 C - 40 C and at full load not more than 60 C with the same cooling and case as in this build... a hyper 212 Plus with only one fan on push, my case sucks I don't know even the name or brand xD, but I keep the case open always, it only has one 120mm intake fan in front and one 80mm exhaust at rear.

My new system is an Intel i5-3570k (Gigabyte Z77-D3H mobo) and a HIS radeon HD 7850, everything is at stock I haven't overclocked yet.

This are the temps with furmark and Prime95 running for 15 minutes (at the same time):

And this is just browsing 10 minutes later:

Are this temps ok?

Also, I have a Corsair TX650 PSU, I know this PSU kicks the fan in when under load, but when I was running furmark and prime95 the fan didn't ever bother to spin lol, is this ok too?. (I know the corsair fan spins because it does spin when booting)(maybe I'm asking this in the wrong section, pardon me).

My english is poor, excuse me for this.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, when I did this tests the temp outside was 30 C, I don't know the temp in my room but it wasn't hot at all, and I don't have air conditioner.
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  1. If your using a stock cpu heatsink that should be normal, also your GPU temps are good. Nothing to worry about i guess.
  2. I'm using a Hyper 212+ with 1 fan in push mode :/ so is there something wrong? :/
  3. no one knows? :/
  4. It is hard to say is the temperature ok or not for your case and your cooling , I think they should be ok for you if you are not going to play games,lol (I don't think you won't :P) , I suggest you to get a water cooler or a tower cooler for i5 3570k because the Ivy bridge is not as good as a 22nm technology CPU should be , they are not looks good to me. I am using i5 3570k + sappire ATi HD7850 OC + intel LGA2011 liquid cooler at the moment , overclocked at 4.5GHz when idle the temperature at 35c-45c full load at 75c-85c average (room temperature at 18C, and 2x120mm front fans, 1x120mm top fans, 1x 140mm side fans, 20mins running prime95, cooler fan 1600rpm,Mid-tower case)
    OMG! we are using the same hardwares,lol ,I am using exacly same PSU like you but it was working fine for me...if the warranty not expiried you can send it back to get it fixed (this PSU out not long) or if you are really want to do something by yourself , you can squirt a little bit oil in the axle center of the fan. It is absolutely NOT ok for your PSU fan doesn't spin ! It could explode you out of your room, hahaha! :D.
    I hope these sugest may help you and I am apologize about my English too :) and good luck buddy!
  5. hahaha thanks for the answer mate, I'll buy a Corsair H100 when I get money enough... but are you sure my psu is defective? I read in some websites this is kind of normal (It's a bit difficult to RMA this from here) :/
  6. How could the fan don't even spin when you were running 3Dmark and prime95 as you said was normal? All your hardware were fully running when you do these tests, so I definitely don't think that was normal. but the god father said" nothing is impossible " lol, I think it could be the motherboard problem, because gigabyte motherboard host bridge temperature always high so i guess the calculat transfer maybe stuck when you running these programs and other times your power supply was working fine then that is normal I guess,lol.
  7. UPDATE: Just got another 2 fans (cooler master blade 120mm and 80mm antec tricool), I added the cm to my hyper 212+ in push pull mode pointing to my new exhaust 80mm antec tricool (2600rpm)... and I feel like there is more heat than before... like 4c more... lol
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