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I'm looking to upgrade my old 4850 and after browsing i found these two. Question is which one should i go for?

running a q8200 @ stock but im not sure what my power supply is though it has been running the system for almost 3 yrs now..

Does the 7850 have a larger advantage compared to the 6850 at 16x10 resolution? Going to be mainly used for gaming (bf3, Skyrim, etc).
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  1. Yes the 7850 is much better. The 7850 performs similar to the 570 but it $40-50 cheaper.,3148.html

    I would upgrade your GPU now and a year down the road the processor as that is ageing.
  2. Quote:
    hd7850 is far way ahead from hd6850 and also ahead of gtx570. hd7850 will nice than hd6850 as it gives more output with less power and more overloading head.

    get a hd7850 in a month or some when other kepler cards are launched.

    Hd7850 is a monster..!!!!!

    So wrong in so many ways. The 7850 does use more power at max although only by 5W.,2931.html?prod%5B5390%5D=on&prod%5B5454%5D=on&prod%5B5400%5D=on

    In most cases the 570 outperforms the 7850 but they are close, in a few the 7850 is better. Most of them they are about equal. Yes it is ahead of the 6850 by a lot but not ahead of the 570, that's why I say similar to 570 not better than.,3148.html
  3. Thanks for the input.

    Another thing im worried about is whether my power supply can actually run the 7850.

    Its currently powering my 4850 but will it be able to power the 7850 without any problems?
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    The 7850 only requires one PCI-E connector. The card doesn't use that much power I would bet less than your current card.

    Use this to calculate the needed wattage if you don't believe me.
  5. Stay away from Sapphire, nothing but issues in the forum about Sapphire 7850's. Haven't heard any issues from the other brands.

    Keep in mind the 6850 is slower than a 5850, so not sure why your choosing between a $140 6850 and a $250 7850, makes no sense.
  6. I like sapphire, I get their GPU over the other brands because I have never had an issue with one of their products.
  7. That's cool, I'm not knocking the brand, just their 7850's. I've seen at least 4 threads in the last week for Sapphire 7850 issues.
  8. Cool. Thanks for the input guys.

    I guess I'm just gonna get the 7850 after the price drops a bit. Thanks :D
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