What mouse and keyboard to buy?

Hey can anyone recomend a good mouse and keyboard for me? I want them to last along time. I will be playing mostly minecraft along with some guild wars 2. My budget is about 70 dollars per item. I would love it to be lower if possible though. Thanks
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  1. I recommend that you go for a mechanical keyboard. They're incredibly nice. My $130 Das Keyboard may be my favorite tech purchase of all time, but an $80 Razer Blackwidow has the same keycaps, either MX Blues or Browns ("Stealth") and will do you just fine.
    How do you type? Can you describe your typing style? I, for instance, type with three fingers per hand and so tend to use the same finger for almost-consecutive letters. This gets in my way when I use the vanilla Blackwidow, which has MX Blue keycaps, but I do very well on my MX Browns. Note that the Browns are far from silent unless you type very lightly. I press my keys all the way down when I type quickly and they get quite loud.
    MX Blue vs Brown comparison: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mi1GejndyeQ

    There are a ton of good mice out there. I use a Razer Deathadder, which is ~$55-$60. Mice are very subjective, and you should go to a store and try a few if you can.
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