NIC hangs machine?

Ok, I built the following last night:
MB: ASUS A7M266 (AMD chipset 761, Bios 1004a)
CPU: AMD 1.4Ghz 266bus
RAM: 512m DDR PC2100
Video: ELSA GeForce2 64m (not DDR..this is temp)
Sound: Disabled on mother board, no sound card in..yet.
OS: Win98se
DX: Dx8
Linksys: LNE100TX etherfast 10/100 (all my cards are the same)

I repeatedly have hanging problems using linksys cards when I first get them. Eventually it just goes away after playing around with drivers for days-->weeks.

With my other machines I disbled sound and that worked (it had to be coincidence) but that is not the case here.

It hangs every time I try to drag a large directory from one machine to this machine. Fairly quickly too.

With my other machines long usage of my internet would cause hanging too (or I attributed it to that, since my internet is via a cable modem on the network)

Any thoughts? I'm frustrated as I have been waiting weekd for backordered parts and now after a bad floppy and Bios etc...I run up to this...

I upgraded every driver I can think of last night.
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  1. My experiences, which probably won't help you much...

    I use Intel EtherExpress NIC's on all my machines.

    A few days ago I rebuilt a PC, swapping out a dodgy Shuttle VIA board for an old, but reliable, Gigabyte BX. Installed cards were GeForce AGP, SB Live and aforementioned PCI NIC.

    The NIC and SB Live card would not work together, no matter what I did. Tried every trick I know (changing PCI slots, BIOS settings, resource settings, IRQ's, drivers). This baffled me as I have other machines with similar configurations (albeit with a different revision of SB card).

    Eventually I decided to swap the NIC for a PCI Zynx 312 card which has been sitting in a cupboard for years, seemed an easier approach than scouring the web for a solution.

    Anyway, it works perfectly.

    To cut a long story er...not so long...use a different NIC and save yourself hassle.
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