Asus M4A89TD Pro/usb3 cpu light error.

I was using my computer on the internet and using vlc player when i suddenly lost signal. i first thought maybe my gpu was hot so i let my computer set for a few minutes. when i started it back up it would post then reset itself then post again. did this about 5 times before I turned it off. when i started it again it did not post instead the cpu led and ram led started blinking. the ram led stops then the cpu led stays on. it will then if i leave it on itll post start windows for about 5 seconds before losing signal again. after awhile it'll cycle though all the led on the mother board. i reset the cmos removed my gpu and started it. im about to try and remove Ram and cpu next.
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  1. update: tried resetting it again its now loading into windows. Will see if i lose signal again
  2. Update again it lost signal again after about 30 minutes of use now it keeps restarting itself sometime I hear low beeps from the board.
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