Very High CPU Idle Temps

Hey Guys, I could certainly use a little help!

I've got a Phenom II 940 @ 3GHz, idle temp is at 65 C! It was idling at 55 before I applied some AS5 today. I followed the instructions on the AS site for my CPU. I'm using an Arctic Cooler Pro 7 heat sink. I did notice the metal cpu cap has 3 or 4 substantial gouges which make the surface a little uneven. I struggled getting the cooler on when I first installed it last year. Could this be the reason? I checked a few different utilities and even the bios shows the same CPU temp. I've got the latest stable BIOS. Any ideas?

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  1. Looks like you didn't install the cooler on properly!
  2. From what I know, the Arctic Cooler Pro 7 heat sink comes with Pre Applied thermal compound. Did you clean both surfaces properly before applying the new compound ?

    If you did clean both surfaces properly, then you might want to check the heat sink installation again. Let me know how you get on.
  3. Could we get a picture of these gouges? Also what is the voltage on your CPU?
  4. The voltage is set to auto in the bios. 1.35 or 1.36 I think. I will take it apart again and post a picture of the gouges soon.
    Thanks for the help!
  5. 1.35 is the default voltage for your CPU, this now pinpoints us to a faulty CPU temperature sensor or incorrect installation of the cooler including the gouges (more likely).
  6. When i had the arctic cooler 7 on my amd cpu, it was very loose . i suggest tightening the bolts and checking you have put it on correct, If you are not able to get a lower idle temp try using the stock to see if it will go lower and if it does that means it's the cooler has a fault not the CPU
  7. Here are pics of the proc. Sorry it took a while to get the pics up. It's not easy to get halfway decent photos that show enough detail. Think the small gouges would be enough to cause this? The cpu cooler looks fine, no bent fins, heat pipes are solid, fan working, etc. I don't see how it could be the cooler. I don't think I have the stock cooler anymore, but I will check.

  8. I would recommend you wrap your hand in a brand new plastic bag and smother a little bit of thermal paste on the gouges to fill them up, only on the gouges. Then apply a small pea sized amount in the middle and apply the cooler afterwards. Think you should try the stock cooler this time.
  9. Ok, I will try that. Will look for the stock cooler. Thanks
  10. Might I ask, how exactly did you get those gouges?
  11. I remember struggling to put the Arctic 7 cooler on the first time. I didn't care to think about loosening the tension screw a little, heh.
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