Where Can I get a Sound Card for this Desktop Model?

Any store that sells computer parts (brick-and-mortar or online) should have sound cards that will work.

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  1. Ok so yesterday I was searching for desktops on ebay and I came across this Dell PowerEdge quad-core for $191. I thought it was a great deal, However I didn't read all of the description. I read that it didn't come with an operating system but I didn't pay any attention to the facts under it (Which was very foolish of me) It says it doesn't have audio, Which I then understood as that it doesn't have audio ports on it. This was a great shock to me because I am a gamer and I also watch videos on my computer. So does anyone know where I can get some kind of Sound Card for me to get this problem sorted out?

    Computer Specs
    Dell - POWREDGE-840-NOOS-6R Xeon X3210 Quad-Core 2.13GHz 2GB 250GB CDRW/DVD

    Here is the link to it
  2. Thanks man. I was able to find one for $5 and it worked.
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