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3 screens!, oh

Hi guys,
i'm having a complication with my card(s), i have two gtx460s in an SLI configuration, when i first installed the cards, in the nvidia control panel i could "Activate all displays" allowing me up to 4 monitors ( 2 each card ), and i have 3 monitors, but i have only been using 2 because of lack of desk space, but now with the new arrival of my desk, i can accommodate all 3, but no, now in the nvidia control panel "Activate all displays" is grayed out, all i can choose is "disable SLI" and "Maximize 3d performance"

I have tried re installing the drivers, removing one of the cards, and trying with only 1 screen plugged in, any feedback would be appreciated.

If you need me to clarify anything because of spelling errors etc, i can give a more specific run down if need-be
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    You may need to first set it for windows before you try to group them. Right click the desktop, select "screen resolution", then setup all 3 monitors in an extended display. It should then be available for grouping in 2D surround.
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  3. That never came to mind.....thanks for your help!
  4. Np, that should be a lot of fun with 3 monitors.
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