Wireless Network Adapter needs to be replaced?

Hello community,

I have got an issue that has been getting worse since last month when I first noticed. I have a Belkin USB Wireless Adapter (Model: f5d8053) and noticed my signal continues to be decreasing. I am connected to my own network with the router only 10-15 meters away from my room (this is my own home ). When I first bought this USB Adapter I used to get 5/5 or 4/5 with closed doors on both rooms. Fast track to today to this month and I am getting 2/5 and 3/5 for connectivity/link strength. I also seem to have periods when loading web pages take forever (more than 5 minutes) and I try again in 10 minutes and it works fine. SO my question is if my wireless network adapter needs to be replaced (It also seems to get really warm/hot to touch, not scolding hot but warms up my hands quickly) or is it fine? Also will this be normal if it could just be my ISP (Bell) having too much traffic from my neighborhood?

Edit: forgot to add, the wireless network adapter is now three years old.

Thanks, I appreciate everyone who helps will be sure to pick a best answer! :)
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  1. Can you temporarily hard-wire your computer to the router/internet long enough to see if anything changes in your web-surfing?

    If that works well, do you have any other computers (laptop etc) that link to the router wirelessly?

    If another computer has signal issues too, you may have a bad router.

    And if another computer has no issues when it's connected from the same general area your suspect rig is, then it's the adapter, USB port, or maybe even a software issue. (new driver etc)

    The adapter is at the top of the suspect list, but if you can test a couple things, you can zero in on the bad part.
  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for replying, my brother has no issues connecting with this wireless adapter (his is connected via PCI slot while mine is USB, his is also brand new). Also I have not brought the cable to my computer but tested it out on the computer where the cable is connected to (my other brother's computer :P) and he seems to have no issues as well. I am sure I have no viruses, I am also using the same driver for the last three years, no newer drivers are available. So is this the green light to go for a new adapter and this time should I go for PCI or still stick to USB?
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    I have never been held back by either of my USB 2.0 adapters, but then my connection varies from only 5 to 8mbps.

    Maybe faster connections get bottle-necked by USB adapters, but I don't think mine is even close to being a problem.

    With my connection, I would go USB all day.
  4. Thanks for your help :)
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