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  1. Not really.

    What res?
  2. 4gb ddr3 ram
    core i3
  3. No, what resolution are you playing at? 1080 and that card doesn't have a chance. 1024x768 and maybe. But you really need a faster card.
  4. at low settings
  5. Not settings. How big is your monitor? How many pixels does this card need to draw?

    Second card is a bit better, but still a really low end card. You really want a 5750 AT LEAST. The 6850 is starting to be the new at least card.
  6. 18.5 inches

    and i have abudget upto 120$
    but in india gc are much more expensive
    How is this one?Only 700 Rs. more.No,newegg does not deliver to India.And by size of monitor,it means resolution. :)
  8. will newegg deliver in india
  9. No, newegg won't deliver outside the USA. (or Canada if you use

    That 5770 is the best card so far. It's probably the lowest card you should use if making a gaming rig. I know cards in India are more expensive but if you can afford that card (or a GTX460?) then grab it.
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