Antec VP450 enough for GTX 660 non-ti?

I was wondering if this power supply would be enough for a PNY GTX 660 performance edition. The card isn't factory overclocked, but I might OC it in the future.

The rest of my rig is just

i5 2320
x1 HDD Barracuda @7200 RPM
x1 DVD Burner.
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  1. Yes your power supply will be enough but it will be a tight fit, in total your computer uses 406 watts with 10% capacitor aging (fairly new) and 439 watts with (1+ years old). Anyways you can run the computer with it but I would advise you not to overclock the GPU. In addition it may be wise to maybe go for a 500 watt power supply, its only a few more dollars added on to the VP450.

    This Antec Neo power supply is 520 watts and comes out to 44.99 with the promo code within the link and only 1.99 shipping.
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