My system boots by itself

Hello everyone,

I've just put together a system with the following config:

1. core i5 2400, stock cooler
2. Intel DH67BL mobo
3. 4 GB Corsair ram
4. 20" LED monitor iBall
5. HDD not installed yet
6. 350W cooler master psu

My problem: Every time when i switch on the power to the psu, my system boots without me turning on the system power switch/button. why is this happening?

The system does not show any signs of power instability or heating/installation issues (it power ups, says boot device missing and stays like that) and switches off with the system power button. But as soon as the power to psu is turned off and turned back on, the whole thing repeats.

I doubt if it is an issue with earthing/grounding. what do you guys think?

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    Is there option in bios about what to do if power lost?
    usually the choice stay off/reboot/remember last state

    U might wanna check that...

    Also can u try, unplug the power button connector to mobo to check if it still happening even the power button is disconnected.....
  2. There's a setting in the system setup which will automatically power on the system when AC is restored. Normally this is turned off by default but that may not be the case with Intel boards.
  3. yes...changed the bios settings for power options...all good as far as that goes but now the bios reports the cpu temp stable at 62 C....too high for stock cooler and just on bios monitoring...checked mountings and everything all seems okay.
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