Where and how to connect a DIY LED strip?

Hey guys, I have a Seasonic x660 and a bunch of spare blue LEDs rated at about 3.5V and 20mA(not very sure since these were purchased 2 years ago without printed documentation), I plan to wire them up in parallel and put them into my computer case for lighting.

Where should I connect the leads to? Resistors? How should I connect the leads? I've never even seen a pre-made LED strip, so I'm not very sure how these things work. Any links to tutorials would be also appreciated, I haven't had luck finding any since probably because of my non-specific wording...

Thanks in advance for all reponses!
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    Wire them in series but basically you can either plug them into a motherboard socket or use a molex plug from the Psu,
    5v will be best so
    ground wire on the black and the positive wire to the red wire from a molex plug
    Heres a more visual one,
    I've never used resistors personally, I just wire about ten leds to a strip and that seems to drop the current sufficiently
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  3. Thank you for B.a. man, pics in members gallery when you're done?
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