Does a psu fan blow in or out

I just bought a new psu today to power a graphics card I have also just purchased. My old psu had a fan in the back and this new one if orientated in the same manner as the old psu has a fan facing upward. My case is solid at the top(no openings for fans) so I may have made a bad purchase if the psu's fan is suppose to send air out or bring air in. I know that sounds dumb and I am farely new to pc building but perhaps the psu fan draws air upward to be sent out by the fan below the psu? Thanks for any of your help!
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  1. If I didn't explain myself enough or you would like more information please do let me know. I'm desperate here!
  2. The large fan at the top of the psu is an intake. It exhausts out the back of the psu, out of the case. You should have the fan facing down if there's no ventilation at the top of the case.
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