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I'm trying to install Windows 7 Home Premium on a new computer that I built yesterday (details below). It starts up ok and all components seem to be working, but when I go to install Windows I get the message "Boot disk failure; insert system disk and press Enter" When I do that, the CD drive spins a bit, but ends up giving me the same error message.

At the advice of a little googling and some friends, I tried changing the boot order so that the CD-ROM drive was first (and I even pressed f10 to save) but that didn't change anything.

I don't have another computer with a working disk drive, so I can't be sure that the windows disk is ok, and when I tried booting from an old XP disk, I got the same error message.

Any advice from the Tom's Hardware braintrust?

My machine:
Gigabyte GA-p55M-UD4
Intel Core i5
8 gigs RAM
2 x Radeon 5770
1 x 1 TB Western digital HD

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  1. Does the HDD show up in the bios?
    If not there's the problem.
    However it may well be that teh disk drive you are using for the DVD is not reading the disk, if it was it would boot the disk and then install or at least tell you that it does not detect the hard drive.
  2. Have you got a CD-ROM or DVD drive? windows 7 comes on dvd.... thats my first thought....

    secondly in the BIOS make sure all of the SATA controllers/ports are enabled, and try booting from the DVD with a minimum of hardware connected - ie unplug soundcards, second graphics card and even the hdd just to see if you can get it to boot, if that works recconect things one at a time.

    If still no joy, try swapping the sata cables, power cables and sata ports you use on your mb.....
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