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Welcome to my world, hehe...Cd to Cd copies at 24x??
say it isn't so, burning a 100 spindle every 2 days will make me old before my time, but yet here i am, #24 is almost complete...mind u at 8x, with a plextor 40x max scsi source drive and a hp 8x burner. Please feel free to let me know how your copies turn out for a cd to cd copy on the fly, no image for u pretty boy.
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  1. I burn on the fly with my 12/10/32 Teac. Took me 5:56 to burn 528 meg a little while ago. No problems so far.
    Afreey 12x DVD as the reader.

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  2. 'burning a 100 spindle every 2 days '

    Uh, yeah. All-righty-then.

    So is that the nominal $6/disc fee? And are you using quality disks, or HKs?
  3. ya, uh...??? $6 per disc??? since when does a 100 spindle cost $600.00?? and i only use kodak golds or gigastorage...and no i don't burn 100 cd's ever 2 days, but this week i seemed to burn 100 movies in 2 days..weird eh
    its a high q
    thank u
    come again
    and no i don't make coasters, well not often anyway about 2 per 250 or so
  4. 2 every that the same as 1 every 150?

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  5. Dumb error chek your math FatBurger. There is a caliculaator in the acessories folder. It is the same a one every one hundred twenty five.

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  6. Dumb error chek your date Aslan. There is a calendar in the system tray. Is is the same a the one on your wall.

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