From asus directCU 6770 to Powercolor 6850, is it worth it

Hi guys. As the thread title says.. Is upgrading from 6770 to 6850 worth it? Locally the price here is 174$ (approx 7500 Philippine Peso). That is my budget though.. I may put in more cash if you guys can come up with something :)
Looking to upgrade my CPU and PSU later this year(after buying this and diablo 3 of course).

The PC:
CPU: core i3 2100
RAM: 4GB x 2 Kingston 1300
GPU: Asus DirectCU EAH6770
MoBo: P8H61-M LX Rev.3
PSU: Unbranded 600Watts
Resolution: 1360x768

Thanks in advance guys :)

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  1. btw.. newegg and the likes are not an option for me as i have no accounts for them and no credit whatsoever for purchasing online
  2. Anyone? :(
  3. Please be patient for answers man, moderators take a dim view of self bumping
    I know you want a fast answer but remember the forums community is worldwide so half of us are in bed asleep when you're online :P
    I personally wouldn't bother with the card, one monitor at 1360x768 is no challenge for a 6770 and the general rule for upgrading is three steps up, the 6850 isn't that much of a step up though
    I'd put the money into a newer mobo, ready for the new chip later on
    or a branded Psu even :)
  4. For $174? Nope. You should at least upgrade to the 6870. Recommend Saphire or MSI.
  5. card crashes everynow and then. cant even play skyrim without hard rebooting
    i want a better gpu than this.. might look at the 6870
  6. Will you see a difference with the new card? Yes.
    Is it worth the money spent? Probably.

    However, the Radeon 7000 series is out now, the 6850 is a previous generation part. If you are targeting the 6850 specifically because it is an old part and the prices should drop then that's ok. If the prices have dropped already in your country, then go ahead and buy it.

    If its possible though, I'd suggest saving the money for a Radeon 7850 and also to see what midrange cards come out from Nvidia in their GTX 600 series. I think you will be much happier with your purchase if you save up for a few months first.
  7. problem is.. this is the marked down price.. i may get the 6950 if i see one.. i cant soend over 200$ as my only source of income is daily allowance haha

    The 7xxx series.. is there a card of thesame pricerange?
  8. The 6950 would be the smart move, when you upgrade the chip later it will balance nicely
  9. O.O unexpectedly and surprisingly, prices here are the same as those in
    Aside from cpu's they are roughly the same.. gonna hunt down that 6950 here in the phils :) is the mobo alright for this card?
  10. Yup, it has a Pcie x16 slot so it fits in just fine,
    may want to check the power connectors required for the card against what your Psu has available, you may need an adaptor (cards usually come with a molex to 6pin adaptor these days though)
  11. my purchase is pushed further to december this year.. by then I may have saved up for a new GPU..
    if ever I try to upgrade my GPU, will it be bottlenecked by my core i3?
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