Upgrading laptop HP Dv6 CPU for streaming

HP Pavilion DV6-6C53NR

I currently have this laptop, it is equipped with a intel 2450m. What would I be able to upgrade too? I have disembled this laptop to apply new thermal paste and I've also upgraded the RAM to max.

I can only currently stream at 480p and I am aiming to go for 720p stream @ 300kbps bit rate.

Now I know nothing about laptops but sadly this is the only computer I own now.

Thanks for the help,

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  3. Stop bumping.

    Streaming is usually based on internet speed, what is your internet speed?
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    First of all, no bumping. It's against forum rules and I'm surprised that this hasn't already been locked by a mod.

    I have no idea if that particular model has a socketed CPU or not (as opposed to soldered. PGA instead of BGA), but I assume that since you took it apart you think it is. If it wasn't, you would be stuck with what you have.

    Anyway, an i7-2670qm would be an option, if it'll work. i7qm's are the only ones that would make any sense to upgrade to. Not much difference in an i5m and i7m (almost none).

    The i7-2670qm came in another recent DV6 model, so it may be possible. I have very strong doubts, though.

    Mainstream laptops, especially, have virtually no upgrade path for CPU's because of the BIOS not being able to support more than a few CPU's (at the most), but since the i7-2670qm was at least in a recent DV6 model, it has a chance. It all depends on if they have the same motherboard.

    My gut feeling is that you're stuck with the i5, but if you want to try it, I suppose you're more than welcome.
  5. amuffin said:
    Streaming is usually based on internet speed, what is your internet speed?

    I would assume network speed isn't the issue. 300kbps upload is basically nothing for almost any broadband connection.

    We'll see what the OP says, though.
  6. Grab a 2630QM, I know the DV series can be disassembled easily and the CPU can also be removed and exchanged easily.
  7. Sorry for bumping!

    My internet speed is 10mbps down and 3mbps up.
    However, I believe the modem and wireless router are outdated, I can't watch Netflix and play games (without streaming). So I might have to bump my speed up if I wish to do that.

    Thank you everyone who has answered, I will look into the cpu's that have been listed here.
  8. Ok I looked into that 2670, I can get one right now for 180.00 on ebay.

    From benchmark tests, the quad core shows 60% performance increase compared to my dual core.

    Still, I would like to figure out if it would actually fit and work into my laptop.

    How would I find out before I buy it? What do I need to look for?

    Thank you again,

  9. From what I can tell, as long as the motherboard has a socket, it should be physically compatible (looks like the same socket for the i5 and i7. PGA988).

    I'm more worried about the BIOS being able to recognize it, though, and there's really no way to know that until you try it, unless you find some concrete evidence that someone has done it successfully (since there doesn't appear to be an actual list of supported CPU's for that model).
  10. I just got an automatic bios update last night...hmmm.

    I'll go ahead and give it a try, if it fails I suppose I could always return it. Thank you everyone
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