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here is the thing....this is the tower and components inside ( ).......i just want to know the best bang for my buck Gfx card that is guaranteed to work well....buying another power supply is not an issue....would also like to make this thing max ram...if you could help out the best bang for my buck there that would be great as well...i am just done with consoles :pfff: ......elder scrolls (anything) ...C&C....Crysis2! and a whole shitload that consoles have screwed up , for one ( sup com) .....they are meant for pc.....and i would like to create one that will make up for consoles...crap attempts at remaking PC games.....i miss the way real games are played....wasd, shift, and ctrl lmao..thanx :sol:

PS: I miss modding communities....brings out the :pt1cable: of most games
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  1. Can you confirm that the computer is not a slimline computer?

    If not and you don't have any budget limit, I recommend this card:

    And I recommend at least get This PSU:
  2. not slimline, lease i dnt think....but even if there aint room.....cant i just get a better shell? and that card is garunteed with my mobo? says its PCI Express 2.1 x16..and correct me if am wrong...prolly am or wouldnt be here lol....but id need that specific slot right? if its garunteed ill get it...looks nasty.....any cooling suggestions though? thanx man
  3. for others reading im looking to spend about $250 on the card
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    Your motherboard does indeed have PCIe2.0 slot so you don't have to worry about that. If you're willing to spend $250 on a card then I'd suggest getting one of the Radeon 7850 cards (it's a PCIe3.0 card but it doesn't matter, it's not nearly powerful enough to be bottlenecked by it).

    Any decent brand (Corsair, Silverstone, Antec, XFX, etc.) 500w+ PSU will do. Maybe even Corsair CX430 if you wanna save a few $.

    Edit: Also, you might wanna think about upgrading your CPU to a quad core Phenom II. I'm not sure how will your current one cope with Crysis 2 and newer games.
  5. It's not a slimline but it's one of those generic micro case's from OEM's.So the length of the graphics card is a limiting factor.Usually less than 8 or 9 inches.

    All PCI-E x16 revisions(1.0,1.1,2.0,2.1,3.0) are compatible with each other.But their are some known issue's with 2.1 cards and 1.0 slots.Since your chipset is from the 700 series i'm pretty sure you have a 2.0 slot.

    The PSU refillable suggested is a very nice one and should work fine.As for the GPU I would suggest stretching your budget just a little and going for a 7850.Currently though it seems the 7850's are starting to dry up so you may have to wait a week or two for them to get back in stock if you want to get one.
  6. so to put an end to the ? that has haunted me...well forever, the 2.1...or 3.0 or 2.0 dont mean squat? i jjust need the X16? lol and this card is even sicker tan the other... will the PSU and card both fit inside my tower? or do u think an upgrade is needed there as well? thank you for your feedback man
  7. Go with the AMD 7850 if you willing to go up the $250.
    XFX Double D $269.99. A little over but worth the money.
    HIS $239.99 not a bad brand.
    There is some other cards you can look at in the 7850 series. Some are out of stock atm though. Or you can wait to see what the mid level Nvidia 6** cards will be like. But if you want something right now go with the 7850's.
  8. Yeah you're safe, the card is standard size and so are the all PSUs listed by refillable and I. By looking at the picture of your motherboard it seems like graphics card will line up with edge of motherboard so make sure if that'll cause any issues such as HDD rack blocking the space (PCIe slot is the biggest one on your board) by opening your case first.
  9. The 7850 is about 8.5 inches long,it will be a tight squeeze but it should fit.

    If you have the money and are willing to swap out everything then yes a new case would be a good idea.

    Here's a nice case for a decent price.
  10. opened it, but having hard time judging if it will or not....could always leave case lightly opened? or open wider and seal it if need be? with hdmi support...that would be ******* epic on my 50" vizio....i just dont wanna put all this money into it for a fail....i know some things software/network related........but hardware......might say im novice at best lol...but ty all for the feedback! anymore ides/ suggestions are more than welcome
  11. If your monitor is 1080p then it will actually look worse on a TV,imo.The pixels are much more noticeable.

    To measure for the graphics card measure from the slot cover of the case where the PCI-E x16 slot is all the way to the front.
  12. then on that note i shall stick with my 23" monitor lol
  13. Your going to notice a huge improvement with a PC vs a console.That much I can tell you.But just know that once you start playing PC games a lot you'll start to notice the frame rates and how terrible consoles look.I remember back when I was playing Halo 3 I must have been getting like 15-20fps.It was unbareable.
  14. i appreciate it alot guys, seriously. I had $400 budget and the cpu, gpu, and SPU fit just wait, install, then crysis 2, skyrim, and starcraft II......wich on a different it anywhere near as good as the first one? i know graphics are but what the game play, AI, storyline, and MP?
  15. so consoles are in actuality shitty then? i mean overall shitty? lol
  16. loki82587 said:
    so consoles are in actuality shitty then? i mean overall shitty? lol

    The current generation of consoles is extremely outdated. The graphics cards are 4 or more generations behind current computer graphics cards.
  17. Yah I think the Xbox 360 use's a ATI X1900 Pro and the PS3 use's a 7800GT.And when I say I played Halo 3 that was more than 2 years ago.I can't imagine what games look like on it today.Basically most of the high end games these days(Crysis 2 & BF3) have to be custom tailored for consoles so it doesn't look so terrible.Otherwise the hardware just selects the lowest settings.

    Which are you referring to? Crysis 2 or SC2?
  18. well if u have input on both the games id say both lol....if they that far behind....antoher game system has got to be around the corner lol....but by the sounds of will be good for like 6 months
  19. Yah Microsoft announced that they weren't going to show off the Xbox 720 at E3 this year but I'm thinking they just want to be sneaky about it.The Wii U is supposed to make an apperance but I have no idea what their trying to do with it looks kinda funny.But at least they finally got around to making it 1080p.I haven't heard anything on the PS4.

    I only just started playing Crysis 2 since I got it for $8 on Amazon but it feels much more like close combat now and with a point system and everything.I was really disappointed that they didn't include any huge levels or vehicles like in Crysis 1.

    SC2 is a really good game.The campaign is solid and they adding a bunch of new things to it.My only disappointment with it is that they only include the one Terran campaign.The graphics are really good though,compared to Brood War at least.
  20. they totally ditched basically all the awesomeness that is Crysis1? thats not to for a have to check this out then....been awhile since i got ahold of a new rts.....*** the pos i go now....wont even try to run DOW ....can not wait to build this thing guys are selling PC gaming very well lol
  21. It is still very demanding and you need a beefy machine to max it out but it's not as demanding as Crysis 1 was.
  22. i can buy two of those cards if i get a compatible mobo right? and use the crossfire?
  23. Yah but you'll need to upgrade the CPU and Mobo.If you are planning on doing that then you might want to get a bigger PSU now so you don't have to buy a new one later.
  24. im going to get a 750 watt....would the PC suggested above work?

    also should i spring for a know to be awesome brand like asus or is there an off brand of equal standards? Need at least 2 PCI-e X16 slots and i guess if im going with quad core im a need four sockets right?
  25. ^CPU
  26. could you help me find a case able to house a mobo that has Enough Space for 2 cards and decent room for PSu and its not all jumbled? maybe round $100 mark..thouught about a cube but idk.
  27. A 750watt should work fine.

    I would suggest holding off on the CPU upgrade until Piledriver comes out from AMD.Or if you wanted to run an Intel CPU.I can't really reccomend a current AMD CPU if your going to crossfire a 7850.The current AMD CPU's a very outdated.


    The case is really up to you since it's mostly aesthetics.Just as long as it's at least a mid tower.Here's some of the case's I would get...

    Storm Scout

    CM690 II


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