Cooling issues in a humid and hot environment.

My room is quite humid and hot, even with the windows thrown wide open and takes a healthy shot of sun. its like a desert some days and temps can soar quite alot.

Im on a CM 690 Basic 2 with 3 120mm fans for the case and recently upgraded my stock intel cooler as temps were getting too high to a Hyper 212 evo cooler(numerous bsods and sub 80-90s when gaming). Thankfully the new cooler brought it back down to 36ish-40ish while idling on cooler days, but some days it can rise substantially.

I have another side of the heatsink fan that i've bought a typhoon for to mount.. but im holding off for haswell for a one shot upgrade.

It may be a non issue but i want to prolong the life of the com when in such a hot and humid environment cos i had some parts like the Gtx-480 die on me and PSU cos of heat issues before.

I'm not a O/Cer ( preparing for haswell/LGA-1150 mobo to upgrade) but i do game for long periods (BF3)

What sort of cooling would you all reccomend for my computer?

Im on an i7 870( P55A-G55A mobo) with a gtx-670 as my gpu if it helps.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I have a CM690II basic case which offers alot of cooling(fan) mounts.
    Adding two 140mm top mount exhaust fans would aid in removing excess heat.
    Experimented with a 120mm fan as side intake = didn't like all the excess dust(no filter).
    Moved the fan inside on hdd cage inline with gpu dropped temps 1C while adding no dust.
    Btw the Hyper 212 EVO is a good unit no need to change it imo.
  2. It does get to a point where the ambient temperature of the room wont allow you to go any lower.

    The logical step to me is to ensure you have proper case airflow. So tidy up any cable management and put some case fans on. If that isn't enough or does nothing.

    Upgrade to a Noctua NH-D14. If that still does nothing (or very little), then you are definitely constrained by room temperature.

    Then it would be cooling the room itself, putting in air-conditioning or something.
    Or if that's unfeasible, then some kind of chilled water loop may be the only option left.
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