Constant BSODs with MSI Radeon HD 5970

I've been struggling with a lot of BSODs and hangs with my graphic card ever since I bought it. I have tried SEVERAL different drivers from both MSI and ATI websites but all of them end up on the same route (bsod/hang/freeze). I've written a few emails to MSI support center but they just ignore me and it's too late to get an RMA. I really need your help on resolving this issue because it's really frustrating.

OS: Windows 7 ultimate x64
Graphic card: MSI Radeon HD 5970
CCC: v12.4
Driver packaging version: 8.961-120405a-137224C-ATI
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  1. You haven't given us any information to help you.....sigh......SYSTEM SPECS PLEASE???

    Contrary to popular belief, there are no psychic's or mind readers on this forum.

    You could check the psychic friends network though.
  2. CPU: Intel i7 860 @2.80GHz
    Motherboard: Gigabyte P55A-UD7 With Bios v.F7
    GPU: MSI Radeon HD 5970
    Memory: 4 x 4GB DDR3 1333
    OS: Windows 7 x64 ultimate

    Graphic card driver: CCC v12.4 (Latest) with Driver packaging 8.961-120405a-137224C-ATI (Latest).

    I've tried the drivers on msi website, no difference. Motherboard bios is the latest version. no overclocked component.

    The BSODs mostly happen after the graphic driver is crashed and recovered. (in the bsod there is Atikmpag.sys as usual).
  3. You didn't list the most important component of your computer....the power supply? Make and model and how old is it?

    Have you tested your memory with something like memtest86 to rule out memory?

    Have you tried re-installing windows fresh? That can fix many problems sometimes.
  4. Sorry I didn't know..
    power supply is seventeam's 585 watt. less than 2 years old.
    I've tested my memory with memtest86, they're fine (no errors). I've reinstalled Windows several times but It won't fix the issue.
  5. I'd say your psu is being maxed out trying to run a 5970 and all your components and after 2yrs it's probably tired of trying.

    It's pretty easy to try another psu. I'd recommend at least a 600w psu that's at least 80+ certified. You could always return it or keep it for a backup if it doesn't fix your problem, or you could just upgrade to a less power hungry card. That card uses around 300w on it's own.
  6. I managed to resolve the issue by moving the ATI card to another PCI slot and it's been running fine with no errors or freezes. (From PCIEX16_2 to PCIEX16_1). I'm not sure why it was having so much issues on the previous pci slot but whatever.
  7. That couldn't possibly be the long term fix, but good luck.
  8. Ok the trouble is back as always. Now i can't even boot into windows. Once the windows is loading, there is a short blink on the screen and after that it's frozen. there's no other option than a hard reset.

    I don't know what else to do, So far all the following options have failed me:

    Drivers from:
    2.MSI website
    3.AMD website

    Changing pci slot
    Changing pci slot voltage in bios
    Checking all the cables properly connected
    Memory test
    Harddisk test

    I'm %100 sure it's the graphic card problem because the system is rock solid stable without the drivers.
    It can't be psu problem because I've seen people running higher end systems with less powerful psus.

    This problem has been with almost every R5970 that MSI sold out.

    So now, The only thing I can do is chaning the min/max clock with afterburner according to this thread:

    Any ideas how to do something like this in SAFE MODE?

    Pleaaaaase help!!!!
  9. Windows boots up after several restarts but it freezes at random (even in idle)
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