PC Running Slow, Will a Fan and Ram Solve the issue ?

Hey guys.

I recently have got a serious problem with my PC.
It's running slow all the time, I tried almost any way , I formatted my hard drive and installed Windows , it was all great for 4 days but again it started running slow ... Although I had not installed many things during those 4 days ...

My CPU usage is on 99% , 100% all the time !!! I have Firefox open and Guitar Pro and that's all!!!

My Ram usage is 950mb out of 1024mb all the time ....

I tried the windows thing almost 4 times and every time the same thing happened, after few days it started running slow, I cleaned up my CPU fan and the speed of my system was great only for a week...

I've had my PC for almost 6 years now and I have upgraded my VGA , Power and Ram just few times but I have never changed my Motherboard or CPU.

I want to change my Motherboard and CPU after about 4 months but for now I want my system to be fast.

So what do you suggest ?

I was going to buy a good Fan for my CPU and also increase my Ram from 1Gb to 2Gb and also get a CPU fan . But will those have any effect ? or maybe it won't have any effect at all because my system is old (my CPU and motherboard)

As I said I'll change my CPU and motherboard after 4 months but for just now I want to spend a little money to just speed up my PC.

Talking of working with softwares to speed up my PC , I've been doing with almost 10 different programs , and I have cleaned my registry , defrag'd , ..... Everything you can think of ...

By the way my CPU temp. is mostly around 80 !!!

Please surely take a look at these two photos :

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  1. 87 degrees Celsius on your motherboard is high, a little more and you can boil water. Your graphics card is on 77 degrees, which is quite high too.
    It seems like your PC is struggling with something. If you're planning to buy more than 4GB of ram memory, you need to have a 64-bit system. 32-bit systems are limited to 4GB of ram. And I don't know why your memory is using 950MB out of 1024MB only by running Firefox and Guitar Pro, there are most likely a lot of background processes feeding on your memory.

    I've been doing with almost 10 different programs

    Don't download everything you find on the internet.

    I was going to buy a good Fan for my CPU and also increase my Ram from 1Gb to 2Gb

    Increasing your RAM from 1GB to 2GB will most likely not do anything, if there's some sort of power virus overheating your system, get rid it, Google's usually your best friend.

    Have you tried a proper anti-virus program and scanned all of your drives, there could be a nasty virus lurking somewhere eating, feeding and overheating your stuff.
  2. Thanks a lot for your reply.

    I'm not going for more than 2Gb ram for the moment but later (as I said after 4 months) I am surely going for 4Gb ram and of course 64bit system.

    A photo at the end of my first post can show some information about my system spec.

    What else can I add ?

    About the viruses , I've tried Bit Defender & Kaspersky (latest versions , latest updates) and they found NOTHING on my system. I also tried Windows 7's Microsoft Essentials

    I didn't download half-ass softwares for speeding up my PC , but I am just saying that even Uniblue's Speed Up My PC which is a big babbler even didn't speed up my PC.

    The situation is so weird as I exactly have no idea what's slowing down my PC !

    As I said each time I install windows again and format my hard the PC's speed is really fine for few days but after few days it again runs slow .... (Although in that period I install almost NOTHING extra)
  3. It looks like you have some themeing running on your PC. Those kind of programs can use a lot of RAM.

    Also, it might be prohibitively expensive to buy RAM for such and old system. You might be better served waiting it out and using the money for a new build.
  4. I can get a 1gb DDR2 ram for about 20 dollars , It is available in a store new to me.

    Also I wanna buy a 40 dollar CPU Fan
    and a Case Fan

    But I was just asking if they can all be effective to speed up my pc ?
  5. Well you need to find out what is pegging your CPU at 99% first. You might replace it with a new motherboard/cpu and heaps of memory and the same thing might happen.

    Can you look at what processes are consuming the cpu like that under the processes tab, for all users, feel free to post a screenshot.

    I'd be tempted to do a full virus scan and if you could try something like Malwarebytes (the basic version is free and is always a useful tool to have kicking around) and do a full scan with that preferably in safe mode.

    Whatever is pegging your CPU is probably causing the temp there. Assume all the drivers are loaded ok?

  6. I'm working with Chrome at the moment, But even with Firefox (which I mostly use) I still have the same problem (running slow) ....
  7. before putting to much money on this system i would try to repaste the cpu and check the temp also take out your graphic card dust it up and check your fan,what kind of air flow you got in this case.use this to see whitch process take the most of your cpu power http://www.whatsrunning.net/
  8. your u torrent is always on,your skype and check your chrome settings
  9. After closing em even nothing great happens...
  10. Why are there a trillion chrome.exe processes and another million svchost.exe processes running? I don't believe duplicating processes are normal.
    Maybe this'll help: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-performance/i-seem-to-have-duplicate-processes-running-in-task/95c8abed-b7a0-4fbd-b848-226b17061592?msgId=08dd1384-7361-40f0-ad07-346e76cad7e5
  11. It's the Chrome, you can check it out on any computer. It makes millions of processes for each tab you open, It's just the Chrome thing.
  12. Ah ok, I never use Chrome. Hate it, lol.
  13. did you put firefox as primary browser and it could be conflict with chrome and firefox,did you try what's running to se if there is any background software that are running like software update for any one you got that using cpu power and memory
  14. Yes I checked everything with the software you gave me and I should say that it is strange that there's nothing so heavy on my PC !!! But the process is 100% !!!!
  15. could you post the process page result there could sofware that run in background and use the cpu at 100,also do a malwarebytes test and a full virus check
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