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I've been putting some time into planning to build a PC, and I was wondering if this would be a good rig, or should I be spending less on certain peripherals etc..

thanks :)
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  1. well its decent if you like intel. have you poked around AMD at all? im not a fan boy I own an intel system and a AMD system in my household so no bias here. My current amd build cost me about 1200. but before i go into detail, what is the main use of your computer?
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  3. drop to 8 gigs and move 40 bucks to the gpu then....

    Look for a 7850 or 7870 and skip sli.

    I run a 560 sli rig, it is nice and you set up would be close to mine but the gpu ram is to low for some games like BF3.


    On a side, if you get some "fill in" items for keyboard and mouse you can arm yourself with a gtx 670. :love:
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