Advice on choice of CPU and GPU for new build.

Hey guys,

Thought I'd start a thread because I'm currently having a few difficulties getting my new build together.
It's basically the same stump per usual. I cannot decide over my processor and graphics card.
At first I was keen to take on an i5 3750K along with a 660ti. Seemed solid on paper and I've heard good things about keplar in general. However while researching into more graphics cards I've come across multiple opinions that perhaps a AMD 7950 would be a better bet seeing as it's very good to overclock and can surpass maybe even come close to the performance of a 670. It's also cheaper as well, especially in the UK market where they are offering me about 5 games free. On the CPU side it's no secret that intel are miles ahead. While reading up that the new Ivybridge wasn't a huge innovation over it's predecessor (Sandybridge) I still chose the 3750K because I've heard good things about it being overclocked on a Z77 chipset board. However, the new piledriver CPU's seem to be getting OK reviews with some even stating it comes very close to 2500k's performance which pretty much is a 3750K anyway more or less. I thought maybe getting a new piledriver AMD CPU it would go very well with the 7950 on a AM3 board. ( A boost I've heard apparently)
So my question is,

Nvidia 660ti with Intel 3570k?
AMD 7950 with Intel 3570k?


AMD 7950 with AMD Piledriver cpu (whichever one goes great for gaming)

I will state that I am building this new tower solely for gaming, watching HD blurays and some work with emulation. (PCSX2 and Dolphin)
My resolution is 1980 x 1020 on a 120hz 3D monitor.

Any advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Like you have stated Intel is miles ahead of AMD (its hurts for me to say that) and so I would say stay away from the FX series. The piledriver was better than the bulldozer series though it is not too much of a difference. Anyways as for my input go for the Intel 3570k and the HD 7950.
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