New system buildin for 3ds max & after effects

i use 3ds max, adobe photo shop & after effects for animation &motion graphic...
so i need a new & more powerfull system.
i can build it by myself & have about 1500$ budget
my old system config:
main board: asus m2n e sli_PCI e
cpu: AMD athlon64 x2 4800+ 2.51 GHz
ram: 4G
vga : RADEON X300SE 256MB HYPER MEMORY...????
HDD: 500G maxtor
could you please suggest new hardware?
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  1. Look at my sig, downgrade the case (to a $100 HAF or Corsair case), GPU (this depend's on how much you game) and PSU (to 600W), upgrade the CPU to an i7-3770k and RAM to 16GB. Drop/downgrade the SSD if you wanted to save more cash. That will edit quite nicely.

    The build cost me $1700 AUD, so downgrading some parts then accounting for the fact everything is expensive down here, that should put you around $1500.
  2. Definitely a 256GB SSD as a boot drive. I would suggest you read the ssystem builder articles and go from there. Tom's builds some awesome machines for every budget.
  3. dear Manofchalk & dingo07
    thanks for advices.
    i wont install or play any game on it & its an important question for me!! what differences are between gaming VGA or GPU & an animation producing VGA ??
    SO there is no game!! what VGA is better?
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    Before I can offer a suggestion, my question to you would be: how many objects in a scene do you plan on rendering - if it's more than 1000, then you should look into a workstation rendering card - cost on average is about $450, get a TESLA card for more power. For less power, any standard, high quality gaming card will do.
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